Can I drive a motorhome on my car licence?

You can drive all our motorhomes using your standard car licence. It is only if a motorhome is between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes that you need a category C1 licence.

What time can I collect my motorhome?

Collections typically take place between 10am and 1pm on the first day of hire, you will be contacted the previous day to arrange timings. We often have multiple collections on Saturdays so it’s important that you are punctual or you will miss your slot.

Can I sleep in my motorhome when it is parked in a lay-by, car park or on the road?

No. We wouldn’t recommend that you do this. In Scotland you can pretty much park where you like, but it is more restrictive in Wales and England.

Where can I stay in my motorhome?

Provided you are on private property and you have the permission of the landowner to park there, then you can park pretty much anywhere and sleep. There are lots of campsites and caravan parks to stay at around the UK, but it is advisable to book several weeks in advance, particularly around July and August time.

What is your policy regarding the use of seatbelts in motorhomes?

We would strongly recommend that all our customers, particularly children, wear seatbelts whilst the vehicle is in transit. We also advise that all goods are secured during a journey. For more information:

What is your policy regarding smoking in a motorhome?

We operate a no smoking policy, so smoking is not permitted in our motorhomes.

What is your policy regarding taking pets in a motorhome?

Pets are not permitted in our motorhomes.

What is the maximum weight I can carry in a motorhome and how do I find out what it is?

It depends on the type of the motorhome you are driving. The weights of our motorhomes can all be found on our website. The weight carried by a motorhome must not exceed 3.5 tonnes with everything on board. Bear in mind that a full tank of water will weigh about 100 kilos, then allow roughly 75 kilos per adult, plus the luggage.

Am I allowed to take the motorhome to Europe?

Yes. You will need to inform us beforehand however because it does require a specific insurance cover which is an additional cost to the standard hire. It also requires additional breakdown and recovery services.

Are there different speed limits for motorhomes and if so what are they?

Motorhomes are subject to the same speed limits as cars unless their weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes, or they exceed 8 passenger seats.
The Caravan Club has produced a table of general European speed limits here:

Do you provide towels and bedding?

No, but we can do for £12 a head.

What optional extras do you provide?

We provide electrical generators, towels and bedding, levelling ramps, TVs and DVD players and water carriers.

Are there any extra costs to consider when hiring one of your motorhomes?

You need to pay for your fuel and tolls and you need to pay a security deposit when hiring one of our motorhomes. This costs £1200 if you are travelling within the UK and £1500 if you’re taking it abroad. The security deposits are fully refundable provided the motorhomes come back in the same condition they left us in. Security deposits are best made using a CREDIT CARD, rather than a DEBIT CARD. Credit cards the money is pre-authorised but not physically taken from the card. If you pay on a debit card, the money will be taken from your account. It takes 3 working days for the funds to transfer.

Does the fridge freezer always work even when you're not plugged into an electric supply?

Yes it does. It runs off the gas bottles. The motorhome is completely self-sufficient in terms of hot water, fridge freezer and heating etc. If you're not plugged into the mains, Motorhomes have a leisure battery and that will power your lights. If you're not hooked up to the mains, the microwave and plug sockets will not work. If you are in a remote place and miles from being able to hook up then you can use one of our electrical generators.

What do I need to consider regarding insurance?

We provide fully comprehensive insurance for one named driver both home and abroad. Extra drivers can be added, but there will be an additional premium. An extra insurance premium is payable to take luxury motorhomes off the UK mainland.

Does my UK road tax cover the motorhome for trips to Europe?

Yes. You don’t need to pay additional tax to go to Europe.